Case Studies

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Scalable Aerospace Data Archiving Project Eliminated Legacy Liabilities in 3 Months

Application: Product Inventory Control Systems

Industry: Aerospace Manufacturing

The Challenge:

To implement on a trial basis an archiving solution that would:

  • Eliminate liability of legacy systems
  • Quickly replace a system facing imminent withdrawal of database support
  • Create cost-effective, reliable access to data
  • Maintain compliance with data regulations
  • Scale across multiple systems due for retirement
The Result:
  • Pilot project completed in 3 months, after which DataNovata was deployed within the client live environment
  • Client enabled to switch off the old server and eliminate associated legacy costs
  • DataNovata application was fully compliant accessing the SQL server database
  • Client deployed another 6 instances after the pilot success and continues to increase the footprint across its global network of companies
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Top 3 Auto Manufacturer Sees 30% Improvement in Operational Efficiency

Application: IBM Mainframe Platform

Industry: Auto Manufacturing

The Challenge:
  • Decommission multiple applications with different stakeholders and operational resources with zero disruption to workflows
  • Manage the data history for 10 years to meet business & compliance needs
  • Provide a common solution for data access easily and affordably
The Result:
  • 40% reduction in resources needed to manage the server clusters
  • 30% improvement in user operational efficiency
  • 25% reduction in housekeeping operations
  • Deletion of 1500 screens for improved UX
  • Eliminated 600 tasks from the Job Controller
  • Transformed report production from 1 day to 1 minute
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DataNovata Facilitated SAP Transition at Reduced Cost

Application(s): Infor BPCS, System 21, Data 3 and multiple other ERP solutions

Industry: Healthcare Manufacturing

The Challenge:
  • Merge all of the company’s non-SAP databases that were not required for SAP license
  • Define a common data structure for all the database variants that was meaningful to the business user.
  • Segment the data application into relevant models e.g. Customer Care, Finance, Manufacturing.
  • Plan for worldwide implementation in multiple languages using VMware on an SQL platform.
  • Provide immediate access to all transaction and audit history
  • Eliminate the cost of the legacy hardware
The Result:
  • Project took less than 12 months from start to completion
  • Only 1 week needed to train business users on the DataNovata application
  • Client could successfully decommission its iSeries/AS400 platform with no loss of data integrity and accessibility
  • No additional licenses were needed for SAP in order to maintain full access to the data
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Office Supplies Enterprise Realizes ROI within 9 months Post Merger

Application: Movex ERP

Industry: Manufacturing

The Challenge:

Deliver a data platform solution that would:

  • Consolidate datacenter operations by shrinking the legacy application hardware
  • Consistently interpret multiple platform applications' database schemas
  • Function independent of the original host
  • Accelerate decommissioning cycles
  • Not require re-skilling employees
  • Price below operation costs
The Result:
  • Delivery of data files to completion of UAT in 16 weeks
  • Data history was accessible independent of the legacy host
  • Datacenter consolidation goals were met through shutting down an entire datacenter
  • Rationalization initiative helped the company reduce its infrastructure costs by 33%
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Yellow Pages Reduced Outsourcing Costs by 70%

Application: Bespoke Application

Industry: Online Advertising/Business Services

The Challenge:
  • Replace the expensive 3rd-party managed services provider
  • Create a web-viewable copy of the database
  • Enrich the database indexing to support more meaningful data enquiries
  • Design an XML, Java-based, DataNovata application for dynamic, online analysis and reporting
  • Do so for listings containing 3 million business application records
The Result:
  • Project took 3 months from start to completion
  • Client was able to reduce the cost of outsourced analytics operations by 70% for the Business File application
  • The marketing unit could now interrogate data according to dynamic business needs without disrupting the core system workflow or high-volume users
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European Claims Adjuster Merges into a Common Application Data Governance

Applications: System 21 and Sun Accounts

Industry: P&C Insurance

The Challenge:
  • Dispose of multiple inherited systems
  • Bring all European offices under a common application data governance
  • Avoid data migration for non-transactional data
  • Support the detailed user requirements at a significant reduction in operating cost
The Result:
  • Initial pilot proof of concept was completed in a few weeks and the archiving solutions were completed, inclusive of user training, 6 weeks before new ERP system launch.
  • Closing balances only migrated to the new ERP (green field).
  • Data history accessible through the DataNovata apps on desktop and mobile
  • Minimal input from client IT Services allowed the client to focus on the new ERP system implementation.
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RSA's Data Regulation Compliance Secured by DataNovata

Application: UK Ministry of Defense Employee Claims Management System

Industry: P&C Insurance

The Challenge:
  • Eliminate risk from the legacy data management
  • Manage compliance and reduce risk of system failure
  • Improve access to the source application history
  • Reduce the operational cost of data access
The Result:
  • Project completed in 3 months, using remote access to the HP/UX Server.
  • RSA decommissioned its legacy platform application
  • RSA retained the same level of accessibility through an up-to-date UI
  • Cost of data management was reduced by 60% in one year
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Mission-critical Call Center CSR System Re-platformed for Digital Access to Sales Data

Application(s): MR1 Call Centre Quotation System – IBM CICS

Industry: P&C Insurance

The Challenge:
  • Decommission a mission-critical system with 40G of historic data
  • Ensure that the user workflow would be replicated or improved
  • Ensure undisrupted continuity for 1300 registered users
  • Comply with data retention and availability rules
The Result:
  • Data fully migrated into a DataNovata application template, with full UAT and production cutover within 6 months of kickoff
  • No disruption for call center users
  • Elimination of all associated costs of running on the mainframe
  • Continuous, uniform access to all data provided throughout the process
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RSA Property Services Saves £40 K p.a. Accessing Data History

Application: AS400

Industry: P&C Insurance

The Challenge:
  • Decommission an AS400 operating all the Property Division’s leasehold and freehold data
  • Stop exporting the database to Excel sheets as a security precaution
  • Process 3 GB of data records into a read-only accessible data platform with full referential integrity
The Result:
  • Project completed in less than 3 months with all users transitioned to the new system
  • £40,000 p.a. of savings
  • AS400 shutdown
  • All data history accessed through DataNovata
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Just 6 Weeks to Decommission Multiple Mainframe Legacy Databases

Application: IBM CICS

Industry: P&C Insurance

The Challenge:
  • Eliminate the cost of supporting the legacy mainframe while ensuring audit and query capabilities and compliance with data regulations
  • Transfer the company's entire policy transaction history, policy database and claims database to the new application and decommission the legacy databases.
The Result:
  • Policy database decommissioned in 2 ½ months
  • Claims database decommissioned in just 6 weeks
  • User access was maintained all throughout the decommissioning process
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UK Local Government Mainframe Retired to Achieve System Upgrade ROI

Application(s): CTAX, HBIS, OAP, UniPay/PER, PALS, HREP

Industry: Public Sector

The Challenge:
  • Retire the Fujitsu VME mainframe within the upgrade timeline
  • Decommission applications even though they lacked documentation and source codes
  • Maintain direct access to the data
  • Avoid compromising the ROI benefits of the overall systems upgrade
The Result:
  • Project completed in 6 months via remote access to the VME mainframe and Windows Server.
  • Mainframe successfully retired while retaining direct access to the data
  • Client was able to fulfill their mandate
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DataNovata Provided Flexibility for Diverse Data Accessibility Needs to Government Agency

Application: Fujitsu VME IDMSX

Industry: Public Sector

The Challenge:
  • Retire the VME mainframe
  • Allow the government officers immediate access to the system
  • Enable remote access
  • Incorporate accessibility features for disabled users to operate independently
The Result:
  • Decommissioning project took 6 months from start to completion
  • Disabled users now had ease-of-access to full application functionality from mobile devices
  • The time and effort for requests, approvals and providing financial support for winter heating was significantly reduced
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