How It Works


DataNovata is a strategic tool to remodel application data into easy-to-configure application windows on any modern platform.

DataNovata maps an XML blueprint of any relational database schema, analyses and interprets the schema, then generates an Enterprise-aware application with all the data relationships presented within context. 

Each DataNovata application UI can be easily customized for data presentation needs. It is easy to add joins or foreign keys that augment the data relationships for better data interpretation. Multiple databases can be consolidated and empty tables ignored. DataNovata's API can be shared with other mediated APIs for seamless data connectivity.

DataNovata applications come with a data-compliant application wrapper that includes security, drill-down data analysis, audit trail, reports, annotations, bookmarks and policy-driven purging switches.

DataNovata Applications can be viewed through any HTML5 browser on any Internet-connected, browser device. Clients can designate their own DB server host.

The DataNovata Developer Platform is available to Certified Partners to deliver digital transformation solutions to clients as a value-added offering. Certification onboarding typically takes 4 - 6 weeks.



Application Standard Features and Benefits data sheet.



  1. Extract Data to Standard RDBMS (use any proprietary ETL tool)
  2. Receive or prepare UI screen content specs
  3. Configure Project
  4. Augment Data Structure as needed
  5. Runtime support checklist (security, reports, housekeeping, preferences)
  6. Share API within enterprise application service architecture
  7. Implementation, UAT and delivery


Source Platforms

DataNovata has transformed data access from a broad range of hardware OS's, DBMS and application templates. We continue to broaden the scope as more and more clients seek DataNovata as their data application bridge to digital transformation:

Pre-relational OS/DBMS:

  • Adabas

Relational OS/DBMS:

  • AS400/OS400/i-Series
  • DB2
  • Informix
  • ingres
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostGreSQL
  • SQL Server
  • Sybase
  • Unidata
  • UNIX
  • Universe
  • MS Dynamics

Application Templates:

  • BPCS
  • Data 3
  • JBA
  • M3
  • Movex
  • Oracle Financial
  • PICS
  • Remedy
  • Spyview
  • System 21
  • Sun Systems
  • MS Dynamics

Destination Platforms

  • Enterprise DB
  • MariaDB
  • PostGresQL
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • AWS
  • SAP Cloud
  • MS Azure

How to budget Your DataNovata Modernization Program


How to Buy DataNovata 

Each application requires a unique license key. Application licenses are calculated based on: 

  • the source platform
  • the number of databases/applications
  • the length of the license term.

Platform licenses are tiered along predictable platform segments:

  1. Mainframe
  2. Mid-range
  3. Low-end client server

The longer the term, the higher the number of databases or applications included in the license, the greater the economy of scale.


Source Through your Trusted Vendor Partner

The DataNovata Developer Platform is available to IT Solutions Providers as a value-added service to clients. Certified Partner Onboarding and training in DataNovata Certification usually takes 4 - 6 weeks. Talk to your trusted services provider about DataNovata, or talk to DataNovation Ltd. about our existing Certified Partners that may be operating in your region. We are happy to welcome more partners on-board.


DataNovata Partner Certification


Estate Rationalization

In planning your application cost optimization strategy, it is advisable to plan across your entire application estate. Every application you manage has a different operating cost. Rationalizing on a case-by-case basis can leave you with a remnant of applications stuck on legacy platforms. When you rationalize cost-benefits across the broader estate you achieve a measurable ROI and leave nothing behind.

>  Download the DataNovata Application Costing Questionnaire to help calculate the cost of maintaining existing application licenses.


Exercise the Trial License Option 

A trial license program will help you determine whether DataNovata is the right strategy for your data modernization, cost optimization and/or data governance strategy. DataNovata technicians will render a proof of concept based on a segment of the database you provide and deliver the DataNovata application for proof of concept (usually 3 - 4 weeks).

You get 60 days to evaluate the PoC application before you need to upgrade to a full application license. Then you can roll the cost of decommissioning into the savings you will gain within your OpEx budget, requiring no additional capital. 

Data Quality and Compliance Checks

  • All data is sourced and verified from the existing client estate. No additional sources of data will be referenced in the creation of the designated Data Application.
  • If a source application is non-rdbms, data migration to an rdbms is a necessary precursor to engaging DataNovata. Data migration services can be sourced through DataNovata Certified Partners, 3rd-party service providers or internal IT resources. DataNovata can verify data quality of the migration process quickly through its automated application generator. Agile data architecture to augment the data structure is a feature of the DataNovata toolkit as a value-added service.
  • The data is verified post-application generation that it reflects accurately the mirror-image of the data source used to constitute the application. Client implementation occurs only after client verification has been reviewed and accepted with full integrity.
  • All DataNovata-generated applications are 'read-only'. Data amendment by end-user input is virtually impossible. All system access is logged within an audit trail, secured using the client's own protocols and hosted internally or through its hosting platform of choice. 

Case Studies

Industry Platform Application
Insurance DB2 & Sun Systems > System 21 & Sun Accounts
Aerospace IBM eServer x-series Unidata 7.1 > Product Inventory Control
Insurance & Financial Services IBM CICS > MR1
Office Products IBM i-Series DB2 > Movex ERP
Publishing UNIX/Oracle > Business File
Insurance HP/UX, Sybase > Bespoke Application
Public Sector ICL/Fujitsu VME > CTAX, HBIS, OAP, UniPay/PER, PALS, HREP
Consumer Goods 11 x iSeries/AS400's > Infor (BPICS), System 21, Data3, Various ERP apps
DataNovata Client Case Studies Insurance Financial Services Publishing Public Sector Consumer Goods IBM CICS Unix Oracle HPE Sybase ICL Fujitsu VME iSeries AS400 System 21 Infor


Our company is an established corporation working in a highly regulated environment which has grown through acquisitions and mergers. We run an annual currency program, renovating business services that are still required, but have out-of-support components, and decommissioning business services that are end-of-life. At the core of its decommissioning capability our company built a DataNovata archive service.

DataNovata Customer, Aug 9/2018 As published in Gartner Paper ID: 00345378

We worked with the DataNovata team to follow a defined process to deprecate end-of-life business services, while retaining essential data. We used the DataNovata application to provide a convenient interface to support legacy operations through read-only access of the data. DataNovata enables our company to simplify its estate, remove cost, apply data retention policies and comply with regulations.

DataNovata Customer, Aug 9/2018 As published in Gartner Paper ID: 00345378

“We recognised that we needed to implement an archiving solution as part of our application rationalisation programme. We chose DataNovata as it provided us with a secure and on-demand method of retrieving legacy data from decommissioned applications.”

Giles Baxter UK & IS Change Director, RSA

“DataNovata significantly improved our ability to respond to the requirements of the business and retain Yell’s competitive edge.”



Kelly Butcher Business File Systems Manager, Yell

There was no lack of vendors who offered to solve our legacy retirement problem. The issue was that they would have to start from scratch for each application, taking more time and money than it was worth. We needed a scalable decommissioning solution we could call off on an as-needed basis, without reinventing the wheel. What sets DataNovata apart is that, in each case we apply it, our business users are hardly aware that we have decommissioned the original system."

IT Director, European Operations Global Office Brands Manufacturer

It is that flexible. We can predict the time, cost and effort for (decommissioning) each application, without reinventing the wheel. The cost-benefit is measured before a project is engaged and user disruption is minimized throughout the process. But DataNovata goes beyond being a cost-reduction platform for legacy operations. DataNovata helps us to plan strategically for cost- and risk-avoidance, wherever we see an opportunity that fits our operational model.”

IT Director, European Operations Global Office Brands Manufacturer

“DataNovata exceeded our expectations. The team quickly understood what we were trying to achieve and we have found DataNovata to be robust and easy to use. I would certainly recommend DataNovata to anyone wishing to decommission applications.”

Stewart Sawinski Technical Architect Controller, SSL

“The DataNovata applications not only replicate the original applications’ enquiries, but do so with a considerably improved & more intuitive user interface”


Gary Steng IT Infrastructure Manager, Northampton Borough Council


July 05, 2021

DataNovata Recognized by Gartner for its Ability to Create a Digital Thread for Complex Data Relationships

In their publication “Innovation Insight for the Digital Thread”, Gartner identified DataNovata as a vendor capable of reliably delivering digital thread capability to help manufacturers with complex, highly-configured products discover critical data faster through their data records.

August 28, 2020

DataNovata archiving for Legacy SAP, JD Edwards & Oracle eBusiness

DataNovation Ltd. has been contracted to deliver to multi-system decommissioning roadmaps for 2 multinational corporations in the Food & Beverage industries. These roadmaps include mainstream legacy ERP systems

July 09, 2020

What are the ‘Risk-free Decommissioning Criteria’ that Disrupt the Status Quo?

Legacy systems pile up in the back office, choking budgets, limiting innovation and decelerating economic recovery.  Systems that retain data can be immobilized by risk of change. As risk restrains progress, obsolescence adds more risk, of failure of the aging systems. This is a paradox of inertia.

July 07, 2020

Risk-free Decommissioning Releases OpEx into Innovation and Recovery

Legacy systems pile up in the back office, choking budgets, limiting innovation and decelerating economic recovery. What is the root cause of this inertia?  Is it complacency, antipathy, ignorance, fear, or lack of a viable alternative?  “Lack of a viable alternative “ encompasses all.

May 25, 2020

Tips for IT Transformation

Modernization is not always precise in terms of cost, timeline or delivery. It involves complex interdependencies within the organisation with each stakeholder having different priorities. Building culture around modernization is a foundational component to starting and ending on the right track.

May 12, 2020

Release $Millions locked in unproductive technology to speed up recovery

Under the hood of a global company's modern storefront, aging, inefficient systems continue to function that, in a crisis, are locked in while other more important resources are shed. A quick-win decommissioning initiative will help eliminate uneconomical infrastructure and improve economic recovery by converting technical debt into more valluable assets.

April 24, 2020

Economic Upheaval? Recover $Millions quickly with no negative consequences

When economic upheaval threatens corporate earnings, cost-cutting through layoffs can have long-term impact on the speed of recovery. What can IT do to help preserve human capital throughout the organization?

April 01, 2020


DataNovation Ltd. has implemented its Business Continuity Incident protocol which allows all our staff to have the resources needed to work remotely.

February 03, 2020

Canadian Federal Benefits Systems on the Verge of Collapse

Reported failure to manage change has landed on the desk of a Canadian Prime Minister who crafted his platform on “innovation”. Systems 60 years old are reaching critical risk with no evident retirement plan.

January 23, 2020

Why does Application Portfolio Management feel so hard?*

Application managers are being squeezed on all sides to assess the value, fit and agility of applications against the cost, complexity and risk of change.

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