August 22, 2017

DataNovata's Launch of HTML5 Browser Application

As part of DataNovata's roadmap for digital transformation of transactional databases into web-viewable data applications, the DataNovata HTML5 version brings a highly-customizable, zero-client alternative to accessing archived data on any modern rdbms platform. The HTML5 release is now out of Beta and ready for production. It is being implemented within client projects even at the time of publishing this editorial.

Another attractive feature of standardizing on HTML5 is the ability to share the DataNovata API with other systems for BI and data integration. This is particularly valuable for seamless continuity between a modern production system and your historical records. 

Bringing legacy data views into a consistent, modern standard will benefit users as they migrate to more modern applications, but still require to access historical data. Clients using the Java version will need to have the screen UI re-designed by their DataNovata certified developer. 

Deployment of DataNovata applications is now as simple as sharing a link with log-in details. 

Licensing costs for the HTML5 application version have for now, remained unchanged. To consider upgrading from your existing Java version please contact your DataNovata service representative.

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