January 3, 2020

Why does IT Transformation feel so hard?*

IT transformation feels hard because of our conditioned human responses to shifts in the status quo


- Fear of choice – that may lead to an adverse outcome
- Fear of change – being less than effective in an unfamiliar role
- Fear of failure – putting personal development at risk

Uncertainty alters the perspective from an operational process into a monster of risk and liability


How Can You Make it Easier?

Build a cultural framework that empowers dynamic, continuous enterprise of transformation.

  1. Address ‘Fear of Choice’: by researching and communicating all the stakeholder priorities so that the decisions identifiably support everyone’s goals
  2. Address ‘Fear of Change’: by involving all affected parties to participate in a phased process of change, and measure feedback at each stage to validate the interpretation of stakeholder needs and build buy-in gradually.
  3. Address ‘Fear of Failure’: by defining results through actions, not consequences. Transformation is a journey of experimentation and positive learning within the engagement progress.


DataNovata supports all 3 of these recommendations within the IT Transformation roadmap:


  1. The ability to quickly generate views of old original data on a new platform lets business users maintain their roles through transformation without disruption and takes fear of choice off the table.
  2. The ease with which data views can be customized to suit changing requirements makes it easy to manage expectations and adapt to change.
  3. The option to reduce the amount of physical data to be migrated, presents a leaner, lower-cost operation aligned to a better outcome. With no loss of data access, dependence on the retired application or compliance concerns, this virtually eliminates failure, and all actions facilitate progress and process optimization.


DataNovata helps to make information more fluid to visualize and evolve scalable, agile transformation to support all stakeholders and reduce risk.


* This article is based on a Gartner presentation made by Jackie Fenn of Gartner Research at the Application Strategies & Solutions Summit, Las Vegas, December 2019 entitled: “Why Transformation Feels So Hard: Strategies for Stressed Out Change Agents”.

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