January 10, 2020

Why does managing compliance, risk and data privacy feel so hard?

You are responsible for managing and protecting private customer, vendor and employee data. Why does it feel so hard?



There are lots of reasons. Pick one or all of below:

  1. A lack of integration makes locating data sources time-consuming
  2. Data theft is hard to trace
  3. Data quality is inconsistent
  4. Different departments adopt different protocols
  5. Data subject requests are random
  6. Penalties for non-compliance can be significant
  7. You have no set budget
  8. Etc. etc. etc.


Where is the point of control over your data?

Consumerization of technology has moved data controls from centralized to edge-of-network interactions. Media socialization has put personal digital identities into the hands a few mega-networks. Legislators are demanding safeguards through privacy legislation.

  • As a result, you are now compelled to:
  • Know what you have.
  • Secure what you have.
  • Comply with the legal request of an authenticated data subject.
  • Use personal data within a boundary of legal permission.
  • Submit to audit for compliance checks.


How Can You Make it Easier?

DataNovata helps to make managing compliance, risk and data privacy easier:

  1. Fully integrate your data history through a common platform.
  2. Consolidate access to reduce the number of open ports.
  3. Search multiple data sources including ‘partial’ and ‘any’ match.
  4. Uniform data controls without sacrificing flexibility.
  5. Access history on-demand, same-day, independent from your live systems.
  6. Compliance is maintained through read-only role permissions, with data masking.
  7. DataNovata is net-cost saving, by eliminating redundant applications, reducing housekeeping and lowering the resources used by production systems.
  8. DataNovata applications are customizable, digital platform and GDPR & CCPA compliant.


DataNovata works on any digital platform for virtually any structured data application, modern or legacy.


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