Achieve your Cloud Performance and Financial Goals

Focus your cloud resources on critical business needs

Align Data Management for Optimal Cloud Resources

  • Provision an autonomous reference resource for data history
  • Provide seamless, symmetrical user access from the live system to the archive
  • Migrate just the active data to the Cloud application solution
  • Maintain archive data lifecycle independently

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What Our Clients Say

  • “You don't need that expensive, over engineered, global software company, data product. We have circa 10 archive applications in DataNovata and are developing 2 more.” - Manufacturing Industry 500M - 1B USD

  • "DataNovata enables us to control costs and deliver simplification by enabling us to retire expensive, aged, IT services while allowing us to honor our data retention and removal obligations." - Insurance Industry 500M - 1B USD

  • "The DataNovata team was excellent to work with. Communication throughout the project was very good. They delivered on 99% of what was asked for in the project." - Consumer Goods Industry 1B- 3B USD

  • "Datanovata has proved to be a valuable partner, very professional with extremely high levels of technical expertise" - Manufacturing Industry 500M - 1B USD

Some Of Our Clients

  • The Cooperative
  • ACCO Brands
  • GKN Aerospace
  • Reckitt Benckiser
  • RSA
  • Saputo
  • Mercedes-Benz

To Optimize Your Data Access You Need

  • A unified solution to make data from any database accessible to the user

  • A solution that links multiple databases to thread data for analysis and decision making

  • An intuitive UI with search, export, and data management, to improve workflow and meet compliance

  • A solution that reduces time, cost, and effort to deliver timely information from anywhere, to anywhere