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Remove the Data Roadblock to Digital Transformation

Data Access Enablement is essential to digital transformation. DataNovata auto-generates HTML5 data applications unique to database schemas. By doing so DataNovata transforms access from a hybrid collection of data systems into a convergent digital platform for data reference and governance.

DataNovata is a strategic tool to remodel application data into easy-to-configure application windows on any modern platform. DataNovata's Data Application Generator will quickly scan any relational database, create an xml blueprint and generate a web-enabled application wrapper so you can view, customize and manage your data on a digital platform, on any browser or device. Pre-relational database conversions are a core service offering for legacy estate.

DataNovata applications are easy to maintain. Once the application is up and running you can decommission the original database and application.

DataNovata applications support business users through continuous access to data, without reliance on IT services or legacy applications. DataNovata helps balance the cost of data modernization and digital access, to simplify transformation for your infrastructure and operations.

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Application Portfolio Rationalization

Over time, organizations accumulate applications that perform overlapping functions.

Consolidating business processes to the application of choice is complicated by the issue of having to move data from multiple applications and sort through: which data is the most relevant; controlling duplication; managing life-cycle; and maintaining user trust through the transition.

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Migration Optimization

As the pressure to transform increases, the ability to rationalize what is critical to the corporate dataverse creates a paradox - the more data you keep through the migration process, the longer the transformation takes and the less efficient the new system. Core system migration represents the biggest upheaval IT Services face and the pressure to perform to budget and timeline makes for difficult decisions.

The ability to transpose large quantities of data into an easy-to-generate, easy-to-read application can lighten the load and accelerate the migration process.

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Cloud Migration

For enterprises that see cloud migration as a critical part of their I&O strategy, data assets that lack digital currency are a nuisance. Leaving legacy estate on-premise or in the hands of outsourced managed services is best described as obstacle-avoidance.

Automating the process of updating data access to digital platform allows the organization to fully realize its cloud platform strategy and focus on the business that it does best.

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Accessible Archiving

Establishing a policy when to archive data-at-rest requires balancing the operational cost of maintaining the online service vs. the likelihood of user's requiring IT Support to provide access as and when required to support the business user's process. Finding the middle ground that releases data from IT operational considerations and still provides full access to the business user on digital platform is the ideal mode of operation.

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Digital Transformation

As the leading-edge of your innovation pushes the envelope towards digital IT, the trailing edge needs to follow your trajectory.

Shepherding your non-production systems into your transformation strategy can seem onerous with no obvious return on investment, yet ignoring them is counter-productive to your entire transformation strategy and bloats the cost of managing your entire estate. An automated solution is your optimal medium of exchange.

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Data Governance & Risk (GDPR)

'Right-to-privacy', 'right-to-access' 'data portability' and the 'right-to-be-forgot' create a triangulation of risk for businesses through financial penalties imposed by governing legal bodies (e.g. GDPR). Subject data history spread across multiple applications can be a compliance nightmare. Aging systems limit timely access to information. Emerging threats can also target more vulnerable legacy platforms.

A stable, digital portal from which to consolidate access, view and manage data across multiple systems of record supports compliance, reduces risk and optimizes the information life-cycle across a diverse enterprise application portfolio.

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Application Decommissioning

The planned retirement of aging systems of record can be held up by the requirement to provide line-of-business users with immediate access to historical data. Cost of maintenance and support of aging data can increase beyond the predicted application life-cycle eroding budgets allocated to innovation.

As enterprises set their sights on IT transformation, lack of an automated solution to re-platform data records into a digital-platform application increases their Technical Debt and transition of skills.

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Data Modernization

Modernization of data requires an analytical approach: Where is the data? What is the content? What is the quality? What is the value? Where do we want this data to go? Can we improve the value of this data?

A uniform, data-centric solution that allows businesses to answer these questions quickly and builds a data-driven business  ready to leverage its assets for maximum opportunity.

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Mesh Application Service Architecture

Digital 2.0 is coming. Your state of readiness is a mixed bag of application services that function at the perimeter, but lack convergence at the core. Convergence requires the use of modern tools to mesh the disparate components of your service delivery into a cohesive architecture. Each service has a different point of origin, some with legacy structures that grid-lock function and process.

A fundamental component of a mesh architecture strategy is the ability to collectivize, organize and manage data as a unified service. DataNovata helps to capture, manage and share access to data history from, and across, multiple applications, so you can deliver and receive services more intelligently.

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Data is your past, present and future. From a commercial perspective you want to maximize revenue and minimize costs. From an operational perspective, where and how to access or store data imposes restrictions. There is a lack of a uniform, semantic layer to visualize and interpret data, from systems of record, your IoT layer, and other process data streams that are ingested but not shared across your BI platform.

DataNovata can quickly extract the schema from within your database/s, interpret and present a semantic application layer to visualize and organize data. The data can then be redacted for different use-cases as a service through mediated APIs and reside within DataNovata as a base layer for analytical data preparation.

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Privacy, Data Retention & Customer Rights

DataNovata is a simple solution to expedite GDPR compliance in risk areas, by consolidating access to data and managing retention to policy guidelines. Download this GDPR Bulletin.

GDPR Alert

The European Union's amendment to its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force May 25, 2018. This amendment applies to any business that conducts trade within the EU.

GDPR DataNovata Solution HMTL5 Structured Archiving Application

The European Union's amendment to its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) camme into force May 25, 2018. This amendment applies to any business that conducts trade within the EU. The principle amendments address:

• The burden of proof of compliance is placed on the business owner to demonstrate compliance with the new amendments or face inspection

Breach Notification
• Mandatory requirement to report a breach within 72 hours

Data Portability
• Compliance to customer data transfer request embodied in the 'right to be forgotten' and 'right of access' to their personal data.


Greater Penalties for failure to comply

The increased ceiling of financial penalty for non-compliance: up to 4% of reported gross annual revenue is a significant concern to any enterprise that has data locked up in systems that are no longer part of the active production environment. This data can languish within large organisations, lacking security, governance and ease of accessibility.

DataNovata is a simple solution to expedite compliance in risk areas, by consolidating access to data and managing retention to policy guidelines through autoamted accessible, structured archiving of historical data on low-cost digital platform.

Read our GDPR Bulletin to learn how DataNovata applications support GDPR compliance.

Make sure you are equipped to deal with the upcoming enforcement of the GDPR Amendments and contact DataNovata today.


Our company is an established corporation working in a highly regulated environment which has grown through acquisitions and mergers. We run an annual currency program, renovating business services that are still required, but have out-of-support components, and decommissioning business services that are end-of-life. At the core of its decommissioning capability our company built a DataNovata archive service.

DataNovata Customer, Aug 9/2018 As published in Gartner Paper ID: 00345378

We worked with the DataNovata team to follow a defined process to deprecate end-of-life business services, while retaining essential data. We used the DataNovata application to provide a convenient interface to support legacy operations through read-only access of the data. DataNovata enables our company to simplify its estate, remove cost, apply data retention policies and comply with regulations.

DataNovata Customer, Aug 9/2018 As published in Gartner Paper ID: 00345378

“We recognised that we needed to implement an archiving solution as part of our application rationalisation programme. We chose DataNovata as it provided us with a secure and on-demand method of retrieving legacy data from decommissioned applications.”

Giles Baxter UK & IS Change Director, RSA

“DataNovata significantly improved our ability to respond to the requirements of the business and retain Yell’s competitive edge.”



Kelly Butcher Business File Systems Manager, Yell

“DataNovata exceeded our expectations. The team quickly understood what we were trying to achieve and we have found DataNovata to be robust and easy to use. I would certainly recommend DataNovata to anyone wishing to decommission applications.”

Stewart Sawinski Technical Architect Controller, SSL

“The DataNovata applications not only replicate the original applications’ enquiries, but do so with a considerably improved & more intuitive user interface”


Gary Steng IT Infrastructure Manager, Northampton Borough Council


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