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Get the freedom and agility you need to access all your data on a digital platform by unlocking data history from application silos.

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Regain the Value of your Data History

Organizations are frustrated by the lack of interoperability of reference data across their application portfolio.

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"The main goals were to keep the data easily accessible with a modern front end, to reduce the support effort and importantly eliminate the security vulnerabilities associated. The engagement was effortless, and the product and implementation addressed all the challenges around accessibility, support and security. "

IT Manager, Global Operations, USA/UK (Industrial)

Benefits of data transformation with DataNovata

  • An intuitive, contextual interface for an enriched UX

  • A low-code/no-code, read-only, data-viewing platform that maps the authentic DB schema

  • Link multiple databases to thread data for immediate discovery

  • A configurable, compliance rules engine for a risk-free data retention strategy

Start seeing results in as little as twelve weeks

DataNovata can help you faster and more effectively than comparable solutions for accelerated productivity and ROI.

DataNovata addresses many IT initiatives through one simple investment:

  • Application Decommissioning
  • Achieving Compliance and Retention
  • Data for Application Modernization
  • Establishing an Accessible Archive
  • Complete your first project in as little as 12 weeks and start to scale your ROI

  • Gain benefits with no disruption to your operational business processes

Some of Our Clients

  • Saputo
  • Reckitt Benckiser
  • Mercedes
  • The Co-op
  • Acco
  • GKN
  • RSA

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How have Compliance and Retention become the data struggle of our time?

Data privacy and consumer rights are hot button issues. More and more local and federal governments are implementing data regulation laws and signing international data treaties. These laws dictate how businesses must use and treat data. These laws mainly effect large businesses and services with longstanding data. Often, they have undergone many technology advancements over the years which have fragmented their databases making it nearly impossible to locate and/or dispose of data when needed.

Yet there is no unifying standard for compliance making it virtually impossible for a centralized archiving solution to meet all the policy criteria of different data sets. Medical, financial, manufacturing and legal data fall under different scrutiny by safety, audit, privacy and protection legislation. Rules are changing and the corporate liability to keep up exposes organizations to risk.

DataNovata's policy-driven rules engine lets each database be configured independently, with rule sets configurable at the data item level. As an alternative to traditional archiving, DataNovata is able to achieve compliance to each and every external mandate, and can adapt to change without re-inventing the wheel.

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