Non-COTS Systems

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DataNovata gives you so many options:

  1. How much data history do you want to encapsulate?
  2. What components of an application would you like to be replicated?
  3. How do your users need the data to be searched, connected and reported?
  4. How many different applications do you need to address?

DataNovata is uniquely configurable to access and connect your application databases in whole or in part. Whatever works best for your organization, we will work to those parameters, best suited to your needs and tailored to your budget.


Looking to address an in-house or bespoke application?

In many cases it is the custom applications that present the greatest challenge when decommissioning, archiving or modernizing.  We have worked on so many applications you won’t find listed in any software directory.

Even if it’s not a COTS application, don’t be concerned. DataNovata can map any database schema using a JDBC connector and generate an intelligent view of the database even from .csv files.

So get in touch. Not everything we can do is listed through this site.

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