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Heavy Manufacturing

How Does DataNovata Help Heavy Manufacturers Create Digital Threads for End-to-End Data Traceability and Lifecycle Management?

Manufacturers of complex equipment are looking to boost efficiency by upgrading their systems. However, they encounter significant issues building digital threads to track product lifecycles as they do so. Complex machinery with complex parts generate multiple Bills of Materials across departments. When parts are transferred, redesigned, removed from production, or recalled, manufacturers are responsible to follow the digital thread to ensure their use doesn't extend past the retirement date.

  • Production and BOM data that remains siloed across incompatible systems adds to the cost and risk of future operation

  • Without a digital thread that encompasses all data lifecycles, it is difficult to achieve industry standards compliance

Key Issues

  • Adopting new technologies on top of legacy databases creates an inaccessible data stack
  • Data cannot be easily tracked from the old databases to the new or between department BOMs
  • License fees from the legacy archives add costs but the only value of the legacy is data storage
  • Losing the thread of the data lifecycle risks malfunction and non-compliance with industry standards

The DataNovata Solution

  • DataNovata creates unimpeded access to data by creating a unified view on a web-based application
  • The relational search tool allows you to find granular data while also getting the big life-cycle picture
  • With all your data secure in one place, DataNovata will decommission your legacy archives
  • DataNovata's ability to thread data points together ensures that part lifecycles are fully transparent
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Problems Solved

DataNovata's relational indexing and granular or broad scope search capabilities create the digital thread that heavy manufacturers need to follow end-to-end lifecycles. DataNovata releases valuable data from stacked legacy systems so there is no confusion, complexity or risk. On the other end, DataNovata decommissions the legacy databases, eliminating the license burden and cutting that complicated web from the data infrastructure entirely. The data will always be accessible and secure for as long as needed.

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FMCG Manufacturing

How Does DataNovata Help Manufacturers Achieve Contextual Visibility Across All Data Points?

Manufacturers for Fast Moving Consumer Goods require a smooth data cycle from end-to-end supply chain processes to consumer feedback loops. Being able to access and process information quickly is key to decision making and quality control.

Maintaining current and historical information systems for Product, Asset, Financial and Customer data processing puts a heavy load on IT infrastructure with diminishing returns as the data outlasts the ability to monetize its value.

  • As current IT operating systems are replaced, further complexity is added and non-integration creates data silos

  • With no unifying model to engage data from raw materials to production, to ERP, to consumer it is impossible to strategize and isolate opportunities for improvement

Key Issues

  • Stages of development and distribution are managed in isolated, incompatible data systems, some of which are external to the business
  • Lack of data sharing leads to isolated decision making that impacts the business performance as a whole
  • Commercial or operational mandates can adversely affect quality without the ability to access all the data and its implications on a granular level
  • Governing bodies require standards to be met with proof of compliance in every region of the operation
  • All of this leads to uncertainty of outcomes, heightened risk, and greater cost of remedy

DataNovata's Solution

  • DataNovata removes compatibility issues by transferring the data to an agile web-based application that can be easily searched for relational data, even incorporating external databases
  • The application allows you to bookmark and annotate searches, making planning using total data visibility easy
  • DataNovata can trace functional workflows through transactions as well as create total transparency along the supply chain to identify gaps and inefficiencies
  • DataNovata traces sources on product recalls from any system to identify root causes
  • The application can quickly respond to external audits and content can be personalized to suit regional regulatory bodies
  • The data now lives on a homogenous platform that can be fed into BI or AI algorithms for a more complete analysis
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Problems Solved

DataNovata is a simple construct to create meaningful visibility at any level of operation. Its ability to recreate referential integrity and index searches across many databases builds the foundation for a common data fabric across all parts of your information and operational systems

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