Cloud Migration Optimization

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Brownfield Cloud Migration

Organizations are pushing their applications forward into the cloud for better performance capabilities; but bringing all the data history across extends implementation, constrains the modernized application’s performance and bloats migration and uptime costs.

Businesses choosing to park terabytes of data history in dormant cloud-enabled databases risk a loss of data access, compliance violations and unexpected peaks in demand for resources if/when a query is activated.

DataNovata Provides a Modern, Compatible, Low-Cost Alternative to Cloud Migration for Data History

You can reduce your brownfield migration payload. DataNovata provides contextual access to data history on a digital platform that is:

  • Standards-based
  • API-enabled
  • Read-only
  • Customizable to virtually any database schema
  • Fully autonomous with complete data sovereignty
  • Easy to manage on-premise or in the Cloud
  • Cost- and risk-optimized to the scale of business need

With data history modernized in a low-cost, cloud-compatible environment, organizations can focus on moving just their active data to the cloud, optimizing costs and operational efficiency.

Greenfield Cloud Migration

Organizations moving their active data and users into a new, cloud-native environment are looking for a fresh start with new capabilities and data mobility; but data history retention requirements leave them holding on to technical debt.

Short-term retention practices such as maintaining legacy licenses or using containers in the cloud generate additional costs as well as create data compatibility issues that affect access. There's the added risk of data loss through containerization or if the on-premise vendor ends support for the software.

DataNovata Helps Eliminate Technical Debt and Risk with its Data History Solution

DataNovata mitigates any technical debt and data retention challenges with digital data access independent of the original application. DataNovata is a low-cost solution that is:

  • Standards-based
  • Read-only
  • Independent of the original application
  • Customizable to virtually any database schema
  • Easy to manage on-premise or in the Cloud
  • Easy to use with minimal maintenance

Unlike your on-premise applications, DataNovata provides a seamless experience between live and archived applications, bypassing containerization and legacy maintenance. DataNovata protects businesses from data history loss so that they can focus on their growth in the cloud.