Other Databases

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DataNovata gives you so many options:

  1. How much data history do you want to encapsulate?
  2. What components of an application would you like to be replicated?
  3. How do your users need the data to be searched, connected and reported?
  4. How many different applications do you need to address?

DataNovata is uniquely configurable to access and connect your application databases in whole or in part. Whatever works best for your organization, we will work to those parameters, best suited to your needs and tailored to your budget.

Here's how DataNovata has been configured to specific client needs across a range of applications:

Other Databases

Looking to access any database?

Not every application you need to move forward fits a typical profile.

Not every database has such a clearly defined schema. DataNovata has a Data Architect module that lets us build out views of any data sitting within tables to enrich the view of the data with meaningful searches and inquiries.

Let us take your database to a new state and expand your digital frontier.

DataNovata can do more than you can imagine. So, get in touch.

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