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  1. 4 Tips for Data Compliance

    Rules of data ownership are changing and the demands to have access to all the properties of a data subject are becoming imperative, to reduce risk of exposure.

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  2. 4 Tips for Application Portfolio Management

    Use these tips to re-orient your data into a more organized view without dependency on so many application authors.

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  3. Release $Millions locked in unproductive technology to speed up recovery.

    A quick-win decommissioning initiative will help eliminate uneconomical infrastructure and improve economic recovery by converting technical debt into more valuable assets.

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  4. Regain Value From Your Data History

    Discover how to regain the value of your data history to enrich your decision-making and capitalize on all the value of that investment with DataNovata.

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  5. Reduce Data Complexity in Health Services for Better Patient Care

    Learn how DataNovata can harmonize data throughout the healthcare system for optimal care delivery.

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  6. How to rebuild your IT leaner and faster with rapid decommissioning

    In a crisis CTO's can leverage best opportunity to liquidate aging infrastructure using smart tools that can dig you out of a hole faster and cost you less.

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