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  1. Decommission Legacy ERPs Case Study

    Download the printable SSL Case study sheet here.

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  2. IMI Precision Engineering Finds DataNovata “a Good Investment” to Achieve Data Security and Customer Retention

    DataNovata has successfully delivered a data archiving and decommissioning solution to IMI Precision Engineering in a way that harmonizes two opposing goals.

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  3. How to rebuild your IT leaner and faster with rapid decommissioning

    In a crisis CTO's can leverage best opportunity to liquidate aging infrastructure using smart tools that can dig you out of a hole faster and cost you less.

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  4. Economic Upheaval? Recover $Millions quickly with no negative consequences

    When economic upheaval threatens corporate earnings, cost-cutting through layoffs can have long-term impact on the speed of recovery. What can IT do to help preserve human capital throughout the organization?

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  5. Decommission unproductive systems and put the money where it's needed most

    When job cuts threaten productivity and morale, it's time to ditch unproductive systems and put the data somewhere you can get at it easily and more cheaply, whenever you need it. People are worth more than unproductive systems

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  6. DataNovata for P&C Insurers

    Find out how DataNovata fixes data and IT issues caused by mergers with our simple legacy decommissioning solution.

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