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  1. Finding the Best Data Retention Solution to Move from Legacy to Greenfield Cloud

    20 Jun 2024

    Legacy to Cloud Migration: Part II

    Business leaders are pushing their operations to the cloud in order to better manage internal resources, meet changing customer expectations, improve data mobility and leverage the potential of AI.

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  2. One Key Change You Should Make to Your Cloud Adoption Plan to Optimize Brownfield Migration

    19 Jun 2024

    Legacy to Cloud Migration: Part I

    The need for business leaders to meet changing consumer expectations, optimize enterprise resources and leverage AI capabilities has led to a single conclusion: they need to reimagine their IT digitally, and in the cloud.

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  3. DataNovata will Help Insurers to Achieve TX in 2024

    6 Mar 2024

    According to Gartner reports, the insurance industry is dropping the buzz-phrase “digital transformation.” Instead of merely pushing existing functions and practices into the digital sphere, insurers are looking to revitalize the industry by implementing new, fresh technologies that will enable new paths to revenue growth, service delivery, and customer retention.

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  4. Legacy at Risk: UK Government Urgently Moves to Secure "Red" Systems

    15 Feb 2024

    “Code Red” means roll in the crash carts, we’ve got an emergency.

    That’s essentially what’s happened within many UK Government departments after questions raised in parliament led to an internal review of government legacy systems. No fewer than 43 have been reported as having a “red” or critical status.

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  5. DataNovata Enables Digital Threading Across Manufacturing BOMs

    24 Jan 2024

    Manufacturers Struggle to Implement Digital Thread

    In the past 12 months Gartner analysts revealed that 91% of manufacturers surveyed claim to have either implemented, are implementing or plan to implement digital threads*.

    However, Gartner predicted that “By 2024, 75% of CIOs at asset-intensive manufacturing firms engaged in digital thread programs will face delays due to BOM challenges encountered during the implementation program.” This prediction reflects the disillusionment IT teams are feeling as their digital threads fray.

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  6. DataNovata Successfully Configures Solution in light of upcoming WS 2012 support withdrawal

    11 Aug 2023

    On October 10, 2023, Microsoft will be withdrawing its extended support for the WS 2012 operating system. This includes any security patches and technical support. Companies are being encouraged to upgrade their production systems. Otherwise, their pertinent data will be at risk from all manner of external security threats.

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