Local Government

Reduce IT expenses while innovating government systems for improved public service delivery

License costs force governments to remain locked in to legacy systems that don't deliver value and are frequently at risk of failure. DataNovata makes space in the budget for modernization by eliminating legacy in favor of a secure, low-cost data platform.

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Transform Data Access and Retention

Replace your old, siloed, inaccessible databases with a modern, intuitive interface that:

  • Produces instant searching and reports
  • Integrates all historic databases
  • Maintains a familiar schema for easy adoption
  • Boosts Modernization In just 12 weeks!

To Optimize Your Data Access You Need

  • A unified solution to make data from any database accessible to the user

  • A solution that links multiple databases to thread data for analysis and decision making

  • An intuitive UI with search, export, and data management, to improve workflow and meet compliance

  • A solution that reduces time, cost, and effort to deliver timely information from anywhere, to anywhere

Some of Our Clients

  • The Co-operative
  • ACCO Brands
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • GKN Aerospace
  • Reckitt Benckiser
  • RSA
  • Saputo
  • “You don't need that expensive, over engineered, global software company, data product. We have circa 10 archive applications in DataNovata and are developing 2 more.” - Manufacturing Industry 500M - 1B USD

  • "DataNovata enables us to control costs and deliver simplification by enabling us to retire expensive, aged, IT services while allowing us to honor our data retention and removal obligations." - Insurance Industry 500M - 1B USD

  • "The DataNovata team was excellent to work with. Communication throughout the project was very good. They delivered on 99% of what was asked for in the project." - Consumer Goods Industry 1B- 3B USD

  • "Datanovata has proved to be a valuable partner, very professional with extremely high levels of technical expertise" - Manufacturing Industry 500M - 1B USD