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About Us


To make application data more agile

"Finding a cost-effective way to unlock data from its platform is an essential step to create the right conditions for IT transformation."

What are the most compelling reasons to replace your aging application portfolio with an accessible data archive?

1. It's inexpensive          

2. It's simple

3. It's low-risk

4. It enriches your view of your data

5. It's accessible

DataNovata is a multi-platform solution that automates the creation a web browser application to view data, so you can archive, decommission and consolidate applications. DataNovata is a simple, enterprise-wide strategy to optimize costs, maintain data controls, and manage Governance, Risk & Compliance.

With DataNovata you can move all your data assets forward, standardize and optimize your resource utilization and satisfy the needs of all the stakeholders in your data enterprise with one simple investment.

The DataNovata Developer Platform is available to Certified Partner Solution Providers to support their clients digital transformation and application modernization strategies.

Given all this, why wouldn't you modernize all your data assets sooner, rather than later?


> Download the DataNovata IT Transformation data sheet.


1970 - 1990: NSC, an independent software vendor, designed financial systems of record for large UK & International corporations and went on to win multiple industry Excellence awards from IDC and The Open Group.
1990 - 2011: NSC dedicated in its vendor-agnostic developer platform to support Application Migration and Lean App-Dev markets. NSC rebranded itself as NSC LegacyData Solutions Ltd. The first cut of the DataNovata toolkit supported its application migration methodology.


2011 - 2015: NSC assigned a Numbered Corporation (02224455) to DataNovation Ltd. to manage the intellectual property of the DataNovata toolkit.

2016 - Current: DataNovata is offered as a 3rd-party developer platform for migrating databases into read-only, web-based application wrappers. DataNovata has been implemented successfully within a growing series of F500 corporations and is now supported through a growing partner network for global implementations.

Case Studies

Industry Platform Application
Insurance DB2 & Sun Systems > System 21 & Sun Accounts
Aerospace IBM eServer x-series Unidata 7.1 > Product Inventory Control
Insurance & Financial Services IBM CICS > MR1
Publishing UNIX/Oracle > Business File
Insurance HP/UX, Sybase > Bespoke Application
Public Sector ICL/Fujitsu VME > CTAX, HBIS, OAP, UniPay/PER, PALS, HREP
Consumer Goods 11 x iSeries/AS400's > Infor (BPICS), System 21, Data3, Various ERP apps


Our company is an established corporation working in a highly regulated environment which has grown through acquisitions and mergers. We run an annual currency program, renovating business services that are still required, but have out-of-support components, and decommissioning business services that are end-of-life. At the core of its decommissioning capability our company built a DataNovata archive service.

DataNovata Customer, Aug 9/2018 As published in Gartner Paper ID: 00345378

We worked with the DataNovata team to follow a defined process to deprecate end-of-life business services, while retaining essential data. We used the DataNovata application to provide a convenient interface to support legacy operations through read-only access of the data. DataNovata enables our company to simplify its estate, remove cost, apply data retention policies and comply with regulations.

DataNovata Customer, Aug 9/2018 As published in Gartner Paper ID: 00345378

“We recognised that we needed to implement an archiving solution as part of our application rationalisation programme. We chose DataNovata as it provided us with a secure and on-demand method of retrieving legacy data from decommissioned applications.”

Giles Baxter UK & IS Change Director, RSA

“DataNovata significantly improved our ability to respond to the requirements of the business and retain Yell’s competitive edge.”



Kelly Butcher Business File Systems Manager, Yell

“DataNovata exceeded our expectations. The team quickly understood what we were trying to achieve and we have found DataNovata to be robust and easy to use. I would certainly recommend DataNovata to anyone wishing to decommission applications.”

Stewart Sawinski Technical Architect Controller, SSL

“The DataNovata applications not only replicate the original applications’ enquiries, but do so with a considerably improved & more intuitive user interface”


Gary Steng IT Infrastructure Manager, Northampton Borough Council

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