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Get the freedom and agility you need to access all your data on a digital platform by unlocking data history from application silos.

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Streamline your data to accelerate and optimize cloud migration

If your application loads are weighing down your cloud migration, it's time to rethink your strategy. Using DataNovata to modernize and retain access to data history you need to keep but do not need within the cloud helps accelerate migration and conserve resources both immediately and down the road.

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Start seeing results in as little as twelve weeks

DataNovata can help you faster and more effectively than comparable solutions for accelerated productivity and ROI.

DataNovata addresses many IT initiatives through one simple investment:

  • Application Decommissioning
  • Achieving Compliance and Retention
  • Data for Application Modernization
  • Establishing an Accessible Archive
  • Complete your first project in as little as 12 weeks and start to scale your ROI

  • Gain benefits with no disruption to your operational business processes

What Our Customers Say About DataNovata

  • “You don't need that expensive, over engineered, global software company, data product. We have circa 10 archive applications in DataNovata and are developing 2 more.” - Manufacturing Industry 500M - 1B USD

  • "DataNovata enables us to control costs and deliver simplification by enabling us to retire expensive, aged, IT services while allowing us to honor our data retention and removal obligations." - Insurance Industry 500M - 1B USD

  • "The DataNovata team was excellent to work with. Communication throughout the project was very good. They delivered on 99% of what was asked for in the project." - Consumer Goods Industry 1B- 3B USD

  • "Datanovata has proved to be a valuable partner, very professional with extremely high levels of technical expertise" - Manufacturing Industry 500M - 1B USD

  • "We studied the market and could find no other solution that was easily scalable, worked across different application databases and gave meaningful access to our legacy data." - Auto Manufacturer >70B USD

  • “It is a fabulous customer service moment, because now a customer can come to us with a legacy part, we can look up their original purchase, and provide them with a brand new alternative.” - Manufacturing Industry, 2B GBP -

  • "DataNovata solved a very specific issue that we had, which was taking an old physical operating system out of use and letting us put it on a new, virtual, environment that we can easily provide support for. And we now have a repeatable engagement concept that actually costs less the more legacy conversions we do." - Tim Ingram, IMI Precision Engineering -

  • "It is a fabulous customer service moment, because now a customer can come to us with a legacy part, we can look up their original purchase, and provide them with a brand new alternative." - Tim Ingram, IMI Precision Engineering -

Benefits of data transformation with DataNovata

  • An intuitive, contextual interface for an enriched UX

  • A low-code/no-code, read-only, data-viewing platform that maps the authentic DB schema

  • Link multiple databases to thread data for immediate discovery

  • A configurable, compliance rules engine for a risk-free data retention strategy

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We take a lot of pride in our service. See what industry peers have to say about DataNovata on the Gartner Peer Insights portal. DataNovata consistently outperforms comparable solutions for agility, deliverability and value.

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  • Saputo
  • Reckitt Benckiser
  • Mercedes
  • The Co-op
  • Acco
  • GKN
  • RSA

Digital Thread Technologies Struggle to Connect Departmental and Historic BOMs. Here’s How to Bridge the Gap

A significant percentage of manufacturers either already have, are currently implementing, or are planning to implement digital thread technology into their PLM strategy. This will enable them to connect digital twins and gain a 3-dimensional, dynamic, end-to-end view of their product parts to accelerate decision-making and service delivery. It also aids compliance with industry regulations.

However, manufacturers struggle to create data relationships between departmental BOMs when different systems and terminologies are used to track part data; and legacy stacks add further complexity with data for older parts far out of reach. This leads to gaps in the digital thread, impeding full data lifecycle transparency.

DataNovata connects the threads together by integrating all legacy data into a single viewing platform. The application then plugs into the active BOMs across departments, building connections and establishing data relationships. By eliminating the barriers between siloed departments and systems, DataNovata enables manufacturers to achieve the full benefit of their digital thread technology.

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