July 5, 2021

DataNovata Recognized by Gartner for its Ability to Create a Digital Thread for Complex Data Relationships

In their publication “Innovation Insight for the Digital Thread”, Gartner has identified DataNovata as a vendor capable of reliably delivering digital thread capability to help manufacturers with complex, highly-configured products discover critical data faster through their data records.

This document can be downloaded from Gartner Research ( published 7 June 2021 - ID G00741254 and authored by Marc Halpern, Christian Hestermann and Rick Franzosa.


What is a Digital Thread?

As defined by Gartner, a digital thread is a framework that enables the connection, organization and presentation of data for multiple factors influencing a product and/or process, and their evolutions over the life cycle of the products and data.

A digital thread can span design, manufacturing, supply chain, product service and aftermarket.


How DataNovata Achieves the Digital Thread

DataNovata generates an HTML5 application view of ‘any or many’ databases to which it has been configured. A powerful, index search capability lets the user follow the thread of a data record as it is mapped through the various database schema/s that relate to the record for traceability of current or historic data, their associations and dependencies.

With powerful privacy features, DataNovata can mask sensitive data shared across a manufacturing ecosystem, without losing the efficiency of record retrieval.  The DataNovata Application interface can be customized to suit each company’s needs.

To learn more about how DataNovata can create a digital thread for your company, book a free consultation today.

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