November 12, 2019

The Emerging Role of the Application Undertaker

November 2019: DataNovata is sponsoring for one month the complimentary download of this important piece of Gartner Research.

Click here for the report.

As stated in the report:

The traditional approach to decommissioning, where the project delivering the replacement application is also responsible for decommissioning the old application, has rarely been effective.

According to gartner, the implementation of the new system should be an entirely separate workstream from the removal of the old system, otherwise, as so often is the case, the replaced system is left to linger resulting in a bloated application portfolio.

This report is a 20-minute read. 18 September 2019: Gartner, Decommissioning Applications: The Emerging Role of the Application Undertaker by Stefan Van Der Zijden, Bill Swanton, Deacon D.K Wan.

DataNovata is a multi-platform solution that automates the creation of a web browser application to view archive data, so you can decommission and consolidate applications.

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