IMI Precision Engineering Security Case Study

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Application: Various ERP - WS 2008 platform

Industry: Engineering/Manufacturing

Region: Global

Company Size: Large Enterprise

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DataNovata Keeps Data Secure & Builds Stakeholder Trust

IMI Precision Engineering is a world leader in fluid and motion control technologies, producing high-quality, long-lasting parts for their customers. Their legacy Vantage application, which retained 20 years of purchase history and bills of materials, was supported by a Progress database running on WS2008. Microsoft was planning to sunset WS2008 and if IMI Precision Engineering did not update the OS, they would lose support for future security threats to that operating system. Unfortunately, the Vantage system was not compatible with the OS upgrade. They needed a solution that would enable them to keep their data secure and demonstrate quick wins to build stakeholder support for a cost-effective roadmap for decommissioning.

The Challenge:

  • Transfer the data to a secure and supported platform
  • Ensure data accessibility to bills of materials for audit and analysis and continued customer support of legacy parts with full security support
  • Take the old legacy system out of service

The Project:

  • Migrate the database from Progress 9.0B Windows 2000 (Windows Server 2008) to the most current SQL server
  • Automatically generate an HTML5 application that mapped and provided contextual referencing for the data
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The Result

  • Removed any security threat and alleviated the risk of running on legacy operating systems

  • Allowed resources and manpower to be reallocated from maintaining and securing the old system to other projects

  • The DataNovata application could host additional fields or data that were not already included easily

  • Created cost savings due to retiring legacy licenses and cutting maintenance costs

  • The new system was easy and intuitive for the old users to operate

DataNovata solved a very specific issue that we had, which was taking an old physical operating system out of use and letting us put it on a new, virtual, environment that we can easily provide support for. And we now have a repeatable engagement concept that actually costs less the more legacy conversions we do.

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