Office Products Mfr. Case Study

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Application: Movex ERP (Infor)

Region: EMEA

Company Size: Large Enterprise

After a significant merger the IT operations took on the mandate of an enterprise-wide cost rationalization of its services. It set up a taskforce to reimagine and deliver economies of scale across its merged estate, to improve business processes and shareholder value.

The Challenge:

Deliver a data platform solution that would:

  • Consistently interpret a multiplatform application database schema
  • Customize the user view of the data
  • Function independent of the original host
  • Allow rapid workflow to accelerate decommissioning cycles
  • Not require retraining employees
  • Price below operation costs

The Project:

For the first assignment the client provided DataNovata with a data dictionary, index information and data in CSV files with a user requirements document:

  • Platform: IBM i-Series
  • Application: Movex ERP
  • Database size: 50 Gb
  • 35 screens to be replicated.
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The Results

  • Delivery of data files to completion of UAT was 16 weeks

  • The entire Movex data history was accessible independent of the legacy host

  • Legacy host was scheduled for immediate retirement

  • Cost savings estimated at £40K p.a. on this first project

  • Rationalization initiative helped the company reduce its data center footprint by 33%

All the vendors we spoke to could do basic archiving, and, starting from scratch, could create a way to look at each database. What the other vendors could not do, which separates DataNovata from the rest, is provide us with repeatable, scalable, out-of-the-box flexibility to view each database uniquely. It is so easy to make the application native to the user. I don't actually know if some of our users realize they are no longer looking at the old system.

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