West Northamptonshire Council Case Study

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Application(s): CTAX, HBIS, OAP, UniPay/PER, PALS, HREP

Industry: Public Sector

Region: UK

Company Size: Medium Enterprise

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While West Northamptonshire Council, was engaged in upgrading its core VME production systems to modern Windows Server-based software solutions it became apparent that the cost and time to convert the old data to the new systems would be prohibitive. The choices were to continue to finance its VME infrastructure for the sake of 15 GB of data or archive the data and lose direct access. They needed a solution that would give them a third option.

The project included decommissioning 7 applications containing 15 GB of financial records and convert the data to an open platform application view for interrogation and analysis.

DataNovata's expert data consultants successfully deduced the data logic of the undocumented applications and were able to proceed immediately.

The Challenge:

  • Retire the Fujitsu VME mainframe within the upgrade timeline
  • Decommission applications even though they lacked documentation and source codes
  • Maintain direct access to the data
  • Avoid compromising the ROI benefits of the overall systems upgrade

The Project:

  • CTAX (Council Tax)
  • HBIS (Housing and Council Tax Benefits)
  • OAP (Orders and Payments)
  • UNIPAY/PER (Payroll and Personnel)
  • PALS (Public Authority Ledger System)
  • HREP (Housing Repairs) IHSL (Integrated Housing Rentals and Lettings)
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The Result

  • Project completed in 6 months via remote access to the VME mainframe and Windows Server

  • Mainframe successfully retired while retaining direct access to the data

  • Client was able to fulfill its mandate

"The DataNovata applications not only replicate the original applications’ enquiries, but do so with a considerably improved & more intuitive user interface."

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