IMI Precision Engineering Finds DataNovata “a Good Investment” to Achieve Data Security and Customer Retention

DataNovata has successfully delivered a data archiving and decommissioning solution to IMI Precision Engineering in a way that harmonizes two opposing goals. When IMI Precision Engineering’s Vantage system was set to lose vendor support they had equally compelling reasons to retain their old system and to retire it.

Customer Retention

Their main purpose in keeping the Vantage system up and running was that the system held Bill of Materials records for thousands of retired parts. These parts had been sold to customers who would not need a replacement until sometime in the future when that part was already out of production. Without access to the data, it would take significantly more effort for IMI Precision Engineering to help that customer and the business could possibly go elsewhere; but if they could review that data and compare it to their current production line, they could find compatible replacements and retain their customers indefinitely.

Security Risk

Unfortunately, maintaining the old system would create a massive liability for the company. When vendor support would be withdrawn, the system would be left without future support of security features and protocols. It is in their best interest to maintain the data in a secure and supportable format.

Balancing The Scales

Clearly the aging system needed to go; but the data needed to stay. DataNovata was able to provide the ideal solution for IMI. All of the required data tables and Bills of Materials were migrated to an SQL server from which the DataNovata application produced easily retrievable screens displaying the data for analysis. Using intuitive search terms or the part ID users can now instantly review all the data associated with the part lifecycle; and the single port of access as well as user permissions and other security features help to ensure compliance and data security and integrity.

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