DataNovata archiving for Legacy SAP, JD Edwards & Oracle eBusiness

28 Aug 2020

DataNovata archiving for Legacy SAP, JD Edwards & Oracle eBusiness

DataNovata, the automated, multiplatform, application generator for databases is now building schema templates for decommissioning mainstream ERP systems.

DataNovation Ltd. has been contracted to deliver to multi-system decommissioning roadmaps for 2 multinational corporations in the Food & Beverage industries.

These roadmaps include the following legacy ERP systems:

  • SAP Payroll
  • JD Edwards
  • Oracle eBusiness suite

DataNovata was chosen because:

  • It is a low-code, agile solution with a small footprint, for use across any part of the application portfolio
  • It provides a stable, accessible software platform independent of the source application environment
  • Data access replicates the original database behavior for optimal user engagement
  • The application footprint can be further reduced to ‘only what is needed’ for improved cost and maintenance
  • Data retention policies are easy to configure and re-configure as rules change, mitigating risk.

“This is a very important milestone for our company” says Jon Sherrington, DataNovation’s SVP Global Markets.

“DataNovata was always the go-to- solution for applications that lacked support structure, but the core vendor ERP markets tended to circle the wagons. These orders now demonstrate DataNovata as a global strategic platform for Enterprise Modernization.”

Driven by mounting compliance risk and operating costs, clients are beginning to discover that DataNovata is currently the only COTS offering that can flexibly address the entire application estate, including the holy grail of ERP, at a price-point that makes accessible archiving economically viable.