DataNovata has configured a solution for PeopleSoft HCM

10 Feb 2022

DataNovata was implemented as a decommissioning solution to replace legacy editions of PeopleSoft HR system by a national retail and financial services conglomerate. DataNovata can be used as an accessible archive with full user reference of the database schema independent of the legacy system.

PeopleSoft HCM is an on-premises system designed to provide end-to-end business process management and support for organizations, for human capital management (HCM), an important focus of many companies, given the need to recruit, manage and develop the right talent in a highly competitive marketplace. (source TechTarget)

DataNovata provides a cost-effective, rapid solution to eliminating technical debt from data lifecycle management. Any legacy PeopleSoft HCM installations looking to retire/decommission this software and still retain full contextual access to the data history, you can get in touch with our team.

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