DataNovata has configured a solution for PRMS ERP

2 Aug 2021

DataNovata was implemented as a decommissioning solution for PRMS ERP by a global provider of medical devices. DataNovata can now be used as an accessible archive with full user reference of the database schema independent of the legacy system.

PRMS is full-featured ERP system for the AS/400 from SSA Global Technologies, Inc., Chicago I. PRMS dates back to 1980 when the PCR company released its Resource Management System (RMS) software. In 1987, Pansophic Systems acquired PCR and added the "P" to the "RMS." In 1991, Computer Associates (CA) acquired Pansophic, which later became the Acacia Technologies division and then interBiz Solutions. SSA Global acquired the interBiz supply chain and financial application product lines from CA in 2002. (source PCMag)

DataNovata provides a cost-effective, rapid solution to eliminating technical debt from data lifecycle management. Any PRMS installations looking to retire/decommission this software and still retain full contextual access to the data history, you can get in touch with our team.

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