What are the ‘Risk-free Decommissioning Criteria’ that Disrupt the Status Quo?

9 Jul 2020

What are the ‘Risk-free Decommissioning Criteria’ that Disrupt the Status Quo?

What is a ‘Risk-free Alternative’?

Legacy systems pile up in the back office, choking budgets, limiting innovation and decelerating economic recovery. Systems that retain data can be immobilized by risk of change. As risk restrains progress, obsolescence adds more risk, of failure of the aging systems. This is a paradox of inertia.

A risk-free viable alternative has to easily decommission old, inactive application storage containers and move the data to affordable, digital platform without any degradation of user access.

What are the risk-free criteria for such a solution:

  1. It works for any application.
  2. It meets satisfaction and buy-in from the business users
  3. The data is as intact and accessible as in the original application
  4. There are no dependencies remaining with the legacy system
  5. Data sovereignty remains with the client
  6. It can be implemented on any stack
  7. It has flexible data governance rules to meet changing compliance standards
  8. It can be easily adapted and customized to changing user needs
  9. It cost a fraction of the status quo
  10. It is stable for every iteration
  11. It requires no coding
  12. It has been implemented again and again with the same excellent results
  13. It uses barely any resources
  14. It is built on standards-based architecture
  15. It works for any client end-point
  16. It requires no additional software for deployment
  17. It can be deployed locally or globally
  18. It can be run on-prem or in the cloud
  19. It can be implemented in as little as 8-12 weeks
  20. It can recover its own cost in less than a year
  21. It eliminates technical debt
  22. It combines a common currency for data history with an intuitive nuance for each application
  23. It is secure and can be layered into the existing security framework of the enterprise.

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