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BPCS was developed by System Software Associates as an ERP with MRP logic for manufacturing operation. BPCS runs on IBM iSeries or AS400 and is written in RPG, SQL, and other IBM languages. The DataNovata solution that has replaced BPCS for our clients runs on MS SQL, Windows 2016 Server.

DataNovata’s BPCS ERP template allows organizations to migrate, archive and modernize legacy data at a fraction of the cost, to decommission the original technology, support data regulation compliance and data privacy.

DataNovata has been used to create an application template for BPCS (B-Pics).
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The following screens are currently in the template:

  • Costed BOM and Variances
  • A/R Detail Inquiry
  • Invoice #/Inv Amount Inquiry/Search
  • Customer Search
  • Define Cost Sets
  • Payment History by Vendor
  • Custom query
  • Payables inquiry
  • Vendor Alpha Search
  • Check Application Inquiry
  • Reason Code Inquiry
  • Standard Production Costs
  • Purchase Order Inquiry
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