Lawson M3 ERP

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DataNovata has been used to create an application template for Infor Lawson M3 ERP.

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Movex/M3 was developed by Intentia which then merged in 2006 with Lawson Software and is now known as Infor M3 on acquisition in 2011. This solution handles business management including accounting, budgeting, and reporting for both internal and external operations. The DataNovata solution that has replaced Lawson M3 for our clients was migrated from an AS400 installation and now runs on MS SQL, Windows 2016 Server.

DataNovata’s Lawson M3 ERP template allows organizations to migrate, archive and modernize legacy data at a fraction of the cost, to decommission the original technology, support data regulation compliance and data privacy.

The following screens are currently in the template:
  • Supplier payment records
  • Accounts payable display
  • Supplier invoice display
  • Supplier invoice display
  • Accounts receivable invoices
  • Accounts receivable Invoices
  • Invoice and payment detail
  • Customers
  • Supplier master records
  • Supplier addresses
  • More supplier details
  • Supplier bank accounts
  • General ledger voucher
  • Warehouse on hand
  • Item Information
  • Sales Price List Open
  • Prices
  • Order Toolbox
  • Order Toolbox item lines
  • Price Simulation
  • Customer returns
  • Invoice detail
  • Discount Model Open
  • Discount Model Type
  • Discount Scale
  • Discount Model Groups
  • Promotion Open
  • Promotion Prices
  • Purchase orders
  • Purchase order detail
  • Service Agreement Open
  • Service order invoices
  • Service orders
  • Invoice detail
  • Invoice search
  • Order Type Analysis Submit
  • Data extract to Excel
  • Customer Open Price Lists
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