DataNovata Successfully Configures Solution in light of upcoming WS 2012 support withdrawal

11 Aug 2023

This is a familiar situation; Microsoft has withdrawn support in the past, from WS 2008 and 2003; but many companies are still using WS 2012 and even these older versions, in spite of the risks, because they have critical applications locked in to the operating system. Mapping and reconfiguring all the data and functions would lead to major cost and business disruption.

DataNovata has been able to eliminate such security threats for an international company in this situation by making the data accessible independent of the Windows Server (see the full case study). All of the required data tables were migrated to an SQL server. Then the DataNovata application produced easily retrievable screens displaying the data for inquiry analysis.

The DataNovata application copied the original database schema so that users could instantly review data sets using intuitive search terms in a familiar way; and the data privacy and security features helped to ensure compliance and data integrity.

DataNovata enables businesses to navigate the end-of-support period for Microsoft Windows Server without fear that their data history will be compromised or their clients will go unsupported.

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